The execution of the project ‘Reception and Digitalization of the Unexplored Manuscript Heritage of Nayden Gerov’ includes the following main directions - search for new source materials, participation in scientific conferences, lectures and publication of scientific papers in order to promote research findings and results. The work on the search and studying of unknown sources related to the works and socio-educational activities of Nayden Gerov is mainly based on Fund 22 of the SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library – Bulgarian Historical Archive. The digitization of individual archival units (about 630 digital copies) is focused on the third part ‘Literary activity’ of the two Inventories of F. 22 (Inventory I and Inventory II) – 1. Manuscripts related to educational, literary and philological issues; original and translated works of art (poems, fables, dramas), speeches, textbook notes on Bulgarian history, general history, logic, anatomy, Bulgarian literature; excerpts from translations of the Iliad; Telemachus by F. Fenelon, Robinson Crusoe by D. Defoe etc.; 2. Materials and 3. Correspondence. The systematization, description and introduction of metadata of separate digitized archival documents will take place in the development of a specialized website for scientific and educational purposes – Cultural and historical heritage of Nayden Gerov.

Gradually, the topic of the project has been integrated in secondary schools and universities: giving lectures (‘In the footsteps of the Revival manuscripts: Nayden Gerov’ and ‘Nayden Gerov's contribution to the establishment of the new Bulgarian literary language and national identity’) to students from the master's program ‘Literary Studies’ and from the compulsory course of ‘Bulgarian Philology’ ‘Contemporary Bulgarian language, history of the Bulgarian literary language’ at Sofia University ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’ (2019), as well as to students from the 9th French Language High School ‘Alphonse de Lamartine’ (2020). The website created to promote the personality and work of N. Gerov is a suitable platform on which separate external presentations, written articles, processed manuscripts and other source materials will be uploaded and will be freely available for reading.